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 Hello! My name is Kiki Wood; I am the founder of Radixx Design! First off, I would like to thank you for visiting our site; I am really happy that you are here!

To give you a little background into what exactly Radixx is......

Radixx was created from the need for freedom, the need for adventure,  the need to explore the world and experience every aspect of it and to take this need and all of the experiences that come of it and translate them into art to share with those who can relate.

All of our designs were created using different methods, some were hand painted, others were photoshopped or drawn digitally, or even spray painted. Each one is very unique and has an individual meaning, some are more straightforward, while others are more abstract.

Radixx is unique. It isn’t simply clothing, it is art, it is the expression of different experiences in life and although not all of the designs are happy and uplifting, neither is life, and that is the beauty in this brand.

Radixx aims to embody the experiences of life in all of their forms, and hopes to convey the desire to live freely and fully.

With Love,